Thursday, November 11, 2010

9 Golden Laws of Healthier HAIR & SKIN


What you do to the inside you must do to the outside.

Just as our internal bodies need water, our hair and skin need it, too.

Hair and Skin need MOISTURE EVERYDAY!! That’s right, even BLACK HAIR. In general, Black Hair, Scalp and Skin are more susceptible to dryness and the damages it can cause.

*{The reason Caucasians need to fully wash their hair daily is that their sebaceous glands release a significant amount of oil from the scalp.}

On the other hand, Black hair should, at the very least, be dabbed, sprayed or, otherwise, dampened with water on a daily basis. So, whether that means you wet your hair in the shower, wear a shower cap to trap steam, pat some water on it with your hands or spray it with a spray bottle it needs that dose of agua everyday.

*Important TIP to Seal In Moisture~ Use an All Natural Hempseed Oil Based Moisturizer that nourishes with Essential Fatty Acid’s, Protein and Vitamin E. Two Excellent products that do this are “Royal Anointing Oil” and “Cannabis Supreme Crème” both by Hemptherapy. They can be purchased at

The two products just mentioned above are also safe enough to be applied to your skin, as well {face, included}. The great thing about products by Hemptherapy is that each and every product is multi~ purpose containing ingredients safe enough for use on hair and skin.

Last point: The face also requires several splashes of cool water daily, to be pat dried and sealed with a Hemptherapy moisturizer. And, while we may bathe our skin less in the Fall/ Winter compared to Spring/ Summer, the body requires more oil~ based moisturizers.

*Motha Nature’s Personal Beauty Tip* For Body and Face, wash with warm water and do a final rinse with cool water. Cool water helps to close up pores. The combination of warm and cool water, in that order, leads to glowing and more youthful looking skin. Trust Motha Nature. She knows. :-)

~Health Is Wealth~

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Monday, November 8, 2010

9 Golden Laws of Healthier HAIR & SKIN

Law #4~ WATER IN It's really pretty simple. Where there is water there is Life.

Our relationship with water is essential. The Hydrogen and Oxygen in water are 2 Elements we Absolutely Need for our Development, Nurturing and Growth.

Whether it's 8 glasses a day, 4 glasses a day
, 10 glasses a day- EVERYONE’S NEEDS ARE DIFFERENT! You will become a Master of Law #1 and be able to listen to your body. “Who Feels it, Knows it.” You’ll know when you're drinking the right amount for you because you’ll feel it.

Water keeps everything from blood to food flowing within the body. It cleanses the cells and aids the removal of toxins in the bladder and colon.

“Who Can’t Hear will Feel.”

Decide not to listen to your body when it asks for water and you’ll reap the consequences = Dry Skin, Brittle, Breaking Hair, etc…
Develop your listening skills so you’ll know exactly what to do. Too much and/or too little of anything is not a good thing. That, also, includes water intake.

Increase your intake of watery foods: Juicy FRUITS, SALAD GREENS and CUCUMBER. DRINK MORE HERBAL TEAS and FRESH PRESSED JUICES, in addition to water. WATER Inside --> HEALTHY GLOW outside.

~Health Is Wealth~

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Friday, October 22, 2010

9 Golden Laws of Healthier HAIR & SKIN



LOVE Is the Most PowerFull of all emotions. Indeed, it Is the Strongest Force In the Universe!!!
Love Is All That Really Matters.
Love Is the Essence of All Matter.
Love = YOU
Embrace and Focus on All That Is Love In Your Life. Release all that is not. The use of some other 4- letter words cause us stress and do major harm to us spiritually, sub~consciously and physically.
Love Encourages, Facilitates and Supports GROWTH and RADIANCE. Negative energies hinder and stagnate. Which do you want?
Happiness= HEALTH
*Healthy HAIR + Healthy SKIN = Health without---> HEALTH WITHIN!!!
~Health Is Wealth~

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

9 Golden Laws of Healthier HAIR & SKIN

Listen How?

We listen with our ears. More accurately, we want to HEAR the messages our bodies are communicating to us. Hearing requires accepting and understanding what’s going on. Remember, We Have The Power to alter our current condition through our consciousness.

Our bodies speak to us with a language all their own. Individual dialects are as unique as we are.

Phrases like, “Girl, don’t you use that product anymore!” “I’m not a camel, I NEED WATER!!” and “You are cloggin’ me up with all that nonsense!” cannot be heard with our ears. Instead, they are spoken via acne/ breakouts, dandruff, dryness, eczema, hair loss, itchiness, oiliness, psoriasis, etc…

Be Still. Your issue could be as simple as a change in your routine, something you ate, a detergent, the fabric you’re wearing, and even a person you probably shouldn’t be around. Or, the issue could be as complex as a deeply ingrained psychosomatic disorder, misinformation/ negativity embedded in your sub~ conscious, an area that requires spiritual healing or fear. In any case, be PROACTIVE rather than reactionary. YOUR BODY’S TALKIN’ TO YOU!! Traditional doctors aren’t trained to hear what the body is saying. Do some research on your own. If you need assistance, meditate/ pray/ ask/ search for a Loving and Compassionate person’s who is Willing to help you elevate your consciousness and heal yourself.

*Prerequisite to Altering Consciousness~ INFORMATION.

Learn about your body. Meditate, Read, etc…

Information stimulates that which we already Know. We were Created Perfectly with All The Knowledge we’d ever need.

*Prerequisite to Applying Information~ COMMON SENSE.

Use process of elimination/ reasoning/ deduction/ analytical skills.





~Health Is Wealth~

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

9 Golden Laws of Healthier HAIR & SKIN



Health comes from Within. Beauty comes from Within. Only YOU can Manifest into Your Physical Consciousness that which You Already Have Within Your Sub~ Conscious. Becoming Conscious requires a
WILLingness to Be Your True Self.

SUB~ CONSCIOUS MIND IN IMAGES OF NATURAL HEALTH AND NATURAL BEAUTY. As a result, You WILL Physically Project Natural Health and Natural Beauty. It looks effortless. But, Conscious Work Is Prerequisite.

REMEMBER: Your History is in your Genetic Composition.

So, DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT USING THE SAME PRODUCTS POPULAR CULTURE USES! Popular Culture Supports Itself. Those products are not meant for you. They do not support your Health & Wellness. You Are Blessed and Gifted with MAGICAL MELANIN in your Hair, Skin & Entire Being.

*Because of Melanin, Your Hair and Skin require SPECIAL ATTENTION. Give Yourself some Special Attention and will assist you.*

~Health Is Wealth~

Copyright © 2010 Motha Nature, Harlem, USA

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Springtime---> The time to Move Forward with whatever it is you say you really want. Spring represents Renewal/ Energy/ Detoxification/ Rebirth/ Optimal Health.

~Every Fruit has Its Season~

Blackberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, etc… are Plump, Delicious and Packed with Antioxidants, Vitamins and, believe it or not, Minerals (especially darker ones).

Berries Tone Fat Cells while Expelling Mucous. Strawberries, eaten in large doses, are known to ease pain. For Healthy, Glowing Skin EAT YOUR BERRIES DURING SPRINGTIME!!

WOMEN, Berries Will KEEP IT TIGHT in all the places that matter most. *Wink*

Berries are healing and astringent for the uterus. Eat in abundance if you suffer from FIBROIDS or just want to restore WOMB HEALTH.

*As with all the fruits and vegetables I discuss, ORGANIC (when available) is the way to go! *

Enjoy berries on top of granola, oats, or all mixed up into a Sweet Spring Berry Salad.

Spring Berry Salad
Mix a variety of berries together in large bowl.
Sprinkle a dash of Cinnamon powder.
Grate a smidgen of Fresh Ginger onto the mixture.
Add Agave Nectar.
Squeeze Fresh Lime Juice over the salad.
Cover and Let Sit for 15-30 minutes.

~Health Is Wealth~

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Celebrate!! Don't Hate

I’m not one to discuss celebrities or keep up with their affairs. I don’t even watch the news! However, I am interested in most things as they pertain to health and wellness, which brings me to the topic of women’s health~ this being “Woman’s Month” and all. A woman’s health is very tied in to her Self-Image and her Happiness. What we look like on the outside is a direct reflection of what we truly feel about ourselves on the inside.

Yesterday, several family members and I got into a discussion about talk Show Host, Monique. One member brought up the topic of “being ghetto” and began to describe Monique as such. Soon, another chimed in and, then, another and another. The sentiments of most individuals there leaned toward a lack of appreciation for some of Monique’s behaviors. Characteristics mentioned ranged from the pitch, tonality and volume of Monique’s voice and some of the phrases/terms she uses frequently to the fact that she dances every night on the show.

Before I could make full sense of the conversation, it veered off into areas where only keen listeners are able to hear the truth of what’s really behind the words being spoken. One person said she disliked the way Monique gives lessons in etiquette to her audience and the viewers. This person felt that she didn’t want to watch a show where the host had to do this; that the act of Monique doing so spoke to the person’s original point that both Monique and her viewers are “ghetto”. Others agreed. In fact, one individual said she’d rather watch Wendy Williams, because at least she’s funny. This same person went on to describe her disgust at Monique for wearing dresses that show her arms while she jiggles them around every night. With that, ALL AGREED!!! By the end of the conversation, most individuals expressed sheer disdain for Monique’s overall personality and appearance, saying that the best thing about the show are its guests.

I was shocked! Not just by what was said, but by whom had said it in the first place. Are you kidding me!!!??? I need to mention the fact that neither of the women discussing Monique’s arms has trim arms themselves! Furthermore, most women age 30+ have a little fat on their arms that does happen to sway when they move their arms (myself included). Should these women not wear dresses that reveal their arms?

For one thing, the body needs sun (Vitamin D). You can’t get the amount of nourishment you get from the sun from anywhere else. If you’re in a warm climate, which Monique is, expose your arms to some sun once in a while- regardless of their size. I happen to know, for a fact, that one of the women dissing Monique DOES NOT wear shirts that expose her arms nor skirts that expose her legs in the Summer because she dislikes the way her arms and legs look. Clearly, this is UNHealthy behavior from a woman who is, obviously, unhappy with her own image! For this woman, Monique is a reminder of what she might look like if exposed. Monique is a reflection staring at this woman late at night, when she is all alone, telling her that she is BeautyFull and she is Loved and she just can’t handle that. She sees in Monique the greatness she knows is within her but, for whatever reason, is afraid to Live it. So, instead of Celebrating the Black Woman on her television screen that is Happy with herself, she hates that woman and hates herself at the same time.

As for Monique possessing characteristics of a “ghetto” woman, I leave that to you to discuss amongst yourselves. Most of us know quite a few people that would qualify, somehow, into that category. Since I’m a progressive person who loves progressive people, that kind of discussion becomes uninteresting. What appeals to me more are the things that would cause women to hate instead of celebrate. Now, we’re talking! Once we can get to the root, we can begin to build up one another and ourselves. Then, we’ll be able to bud, blossom and bear fruit that has true value. Isn’t that what being Woman is all about? I think so. What do you think?

~Health Is Wealth~

Copyright © 2009 Tupacamaru Tiwoni, Harlem, USA

Sunday, February 7, 2010


SAY WHAT YOU WANT ABOUT HEALTH-CONSCIOUS PEOPLE. We're some of the wisest people on the planet!! We employ common-sense as our everyday decision maker.

While most of you complain about HOW EXPENSIVE ORGANIC FRUITS and VEGETABLES are, you spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on designer items advertisers seduced you into believing have real value. You cite the obvious, like, "Fruits and veggies don't last. They go ba
d after a while." You do have a point there. The object, though, is to EAT THE FRUITS AND VEGGIES BEFORE they go bad. Because, before they go bad, they can do you lots of good! And, while your designer shoes might outlast that organic kale, unfortunately, your colon won't. You'll max out credit cards in order to purchase that one special item, just one more time. But, an investment in your health, your future, seems absurd to you!! I'm not judging you. I'm just saying...

Monday, January 4, 2010

World's Ancient Grains

In case you didn’t already know, most people in the U.S. are wheat dependent. That is, they’re addicted to eating all things wheat and wouldn’t know what to do without it. You know what I mean. Bleached or unbleached it makes cakes, cookies, fried chicken, bread, etc… Consequently, governments of the world’s “developing” nations are ca$hing in big as they distribute wheat, one of their most profitable commodities, largely, to the U.S. Without that income from U.S. wheat consumers, those countries’ leaders wouldn’t know how else they’d bring in so much money- besides drugs, arms, diamonds, oil and prostitution rings.

Anyway, in addition to all the above, wheat really isn’t the greatest grain for melanin dominant people whose indigenous lands offer numerous other grains.

For melanin dominant individuals, especially, excessive wheat consumption is a major contributing factor of CONSTIPATION, ECZEMA, DIABETES and HAIR LOSS.

Want HEALTHY HAIR and SKIN? Try a few of these ancient grains. They’ve been around a long time, without causing any trouble.


Oats contain more SOLUBLE FIBER, B VITAMINS, LINOLEIC ACID and VITAMIN E than other grains and, they’re GLUTEN~FREE!

Oats can help to LOWER BLOOD CHOLESTEROL levels and act as NERVE SEDATIVES, which is why we feel so relaxed after a nice warm bowl of oats.

Oats slow the absorption of carbohydrates into the bloodstream, maintaining blood sugar levels, helpful for DIABETICS.

Oats also have mild detoxifying properties in that they draw impurities, cleansing blood and SKIN. Try making an OAT FACIAL.

Binding properties in oats strengthen muscles and aid in bone growth, making this an excellent food source for young children.

* MY FAV way to make a Quick and Delicious Bowl of Oats: put Oats, Dates and Cinnamon into a Bowl; Boil Water; Pour Into Bowl; Let Sit Covered for 7 minute

s…YUMMY! Also, I Love OATMILK.


This SU

PERGRAIN of the Andes (pronounced, keen-wah), referred to by ancient Incas as the Mother Grain, has only recently become popula

r in the U.S. Two Colorad

o entrepreneurs began growing it in the mid-1980’s. Quinoa is technically a seed, y

et used as a grain.



Looking for GLUTEN-FREE and Great for CHILDREN? Try quinoa.

*MY FAV way to make quinoa is with red beans, coconut milk and spices~ Jamaican “rice & peas” style. I also make q

uinoa casseroles (baked w/veggies) and quinoa burgers.



i Brown is MY FAV!!!

There are more varieties of this ancient grain than there are cities on the map!! Another GLUTEN~FREE grain, rice is high


Rice helps to stabilize BLOOD SUGAR levels and is an excellent source of FIBER for maintaining BOWEL HEALTH.

In Chinese history, the “royals” ate white rice, while the peasants ate brown rice. The heavy processing rice undergoes in order to become white removes many of the beneficial properties rice naturally offers. So, while the ru

ling class was obsessed with whiteness, the common folk were healthier. Proof, once again, that everything white ain’t always right!


Really healthy with a rich nutty flavor, millet is an ancient African/Indian grain that’s mentioned in the Bible. Look it up. J It was a staple IN CHINA BEFORE RICE! It was introduced to the U.S. in 1875. Important to note is that millet grows well on dry, poorly fertilized soil in hot AND cool climates. So, basically, it grows everywhere and can possibly be a big contributor to the world hunger situati


*MY FAV…is NOT millet..LOL. I do like it but, only as a cereal.


Rye is a rich source of MAGNESIUM, which significantly lowers the risk of DIABETES by controlling blood sugar level. Also an excellent source of FIBER, which promotes weight loss.

Interesting to note is that studies showed “African-American” women consumers of rye had little to no incidences of diabetes (an illness affecting them at increasingly alarming rates). The key--->Magnesium. Remember, I told yo

u before: When you think of magnesium, think of MELANIN.

*MY FAV way to eat bread mixed with other grains..LOL..not really a fan. :-)


Let’s talk about Teff: Timeless, Tiny, Ethiopian, Gluten-Free.

Known as the smallest grain in the world, it consists of the BRAN and GRAIN of the plant (the most nutritious parts of any grain).


In Ethiopia it’s used to make their national unleavened bread, injera and fermented and brewed into a delicious beverage.

*MY FAV way to use teff..Making a cereal with agave and cinammon, pancakes and, of course, injera!!!

~Health Is Wealth~

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