Tuesday, June 7, 2011


This Single Ishhh is for the birds!!!!!!!!!
I'm used to being Catered To; Assisted; Protected;..... Having Someone to Carry My Bags.... Sheesh!! No disrespect to anyone else, but, I Am NOT one of those women who boasts about being strong and independent. STRONG? That's a given. I birthed three children into the world {two of them, in the southeastern corner of my bedroom..without meds, monitors or my mama!} INDEPENDENT? Of what/whom? What does that mean, really?? See, that's part of the problem. Everyone wants to claim independence as if companionship, partnership and intimate relationships equate captivity, dominion or enslavement of some kind. We live in such an individualistic society, where a false sense of independence is glamorized.What of that? Doesn't our mere existence in this realm, on this planet, in hueman form, dictate that we form relations with others so that we may thrive? And, aside from attaining solitude for spiritual reasons, quietly going through a healing process or when partaking in some sort of rites-of-passage, who wants to be alone, anyway?
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