Monday, May 23, 2011


I began this post shortly before “Mother’s Day”. It was inspired by my fleeting aggravation with society, in general, and women, in particular {fleeting, because I overstand the bigger picture but can, at times, be temporarily overcome with emotion}. My intention with my children has always been to groom them into confident, self-aware individuals whose primary allegiance is to Self {“To thine own self, be true”}. I teach them to Be Apprentices of Self, Aspiring to Mastery. To that end, I have made sacrifices and conscious choices APLENTY. Not saying all my choices were the greatest, but I made them with Specific Intentions. In other words, I Chose to Do Something rather than doing nothing at all. In that way, I Am Victorious. {I Teach my suns and Nurture my daughter~ more on that in my forthcoming book}. At the end of the day, I Am Doing My Part by contributing to the betterment of society through my efforts to improve self, family, community and world. What more?

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