Monday, March 15, 2010

Celebrate!! Don't Hate

I’m not one to discuss celebrities or keep up with their affairs. I don’t even watch the news! However, I am interested in most things as they pertain to health and wellness, which brings me to the topic of women’s health~ this being “Woman’s Month” and all. A woman’s health is very tied in to her Self-Image and her Happiness. What we look like on the outside is a direct reflection of what we truly feel about ourselves on the inside.

Yesterday, several family members and I got into a discussion about talk Show Host, Monique. One member brought up the topic of “being ghetto” and began to describe Monique as such. Soon, another chimed in and, then, another and another. The sentiments of most individuals there leaned toward a lack of appreciation for some of Monique’s behaviors. Characteristics mentioned ranged from the pitch, tonality and volume of Monique’s voice and some of the phrases/terms she uses frequently to the fact that she dances every night on the show.

Before I could make full sense of the conversation, it veered off into areas where only keen listeners are able to hear the truth of what’s really behind the words being spoken. One person said she disliked the way Monique gives lessons in etiquette to her audience and the viewers. This person felt that she didn’t want to watch a show where the host had to do this; that the act of Monique doing so spoke to the person’s original point that both Monique and her viewers are “ghetto”. Others agreed. In fact, one individual said she’d rather watch Wendy Williams, because at least she’s funny. This same person went on to describe her disgust at Monique for wearing dresses that show her arms while she jiggles them around every night. With that, ALL AGREED!!! By the end of the conversation, most individuals expressed sheer disdain for Monique’s overall personality and appearance, saying that the best thing about the show are its guests.

I was shocked! Not just by what was said, but by whom had said it in the first place. Are you kidding me!!!??? I need to mention the fact that neither of the women discussing Monique’s arms has trim arms themselves! Furthermore, most women age 30+ have a little fat on their arms that does happen to sway when they move their arms (myself included). Should these women not wear dresses that reveal their arms?

For one thing, the body needs sun (Vitamin D). You can’t get the amount of nourishment you get from the sun from anywhere else. If you’re in a warm climate, which Monique is, expose your arms to some sun once in a while- regardless of their size. I happen to know, for a fact, that one of the women dissing Monique DOES NOT wear shirts that expose her arms nor skirts that expose her legs in the Summer because she dislikes the way her arms and legs look. Clearly, this is UNHealthy behavior from a woman who is, obviously, unhappy with her own image! For this woman, Monique is a reminder of what she might look like if exposed. Monique is a reflection staring at this woman late at night, when she is all alone, telling her that she is BeautyFull and she is Loved and she just can’t handle that. She sees in Monique the greatness she knows is within her but, for whatever reason, is afraid to Live it. So, instead of Celebrating the Black Woman on her television screen that is Happy with herself, she hates that woman and hates herself at the same time.

As for Monique possessing characteristics of a “ghetto” woman, I leave that to you to discuss amongst yourselves. Most of us know quite a few people that would qualify, somehow, into that category. Since I’m a progressive person who loves progressive people, that kind of discussion becomes uninteresting. What appeals to me more are the things that would cause women to hate instead of celebrate. Now, we’re talking! Once we can get to the root, we can begin to build up one another and ourselves. Then, we’ll be able to bud, blossom and bear fruit that has true value. Isn’t that what being Woman is all about? I think so. What do you think?

~Health Is Wealth~

Copyright © 2009 Tupacamaru Tiwoni, Harlem, USA
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