Wednesday, September 7, 2011


This list is, by no means comprehensive {although lengthy enuff}, but it's My Nine and I'm sharing it with you. J These are things you may already know about yourself, but tend to forget while actively participating in other people’s lives, as we women are prone to do. I put together this list because I know we need to individually and collectively pay more attention to ourselves. So, here we go: 9 Things You Probably Already Know! 

1. You Are The Answer~ Everything you need, you already have. Everything you want is within your reach. No need to look outside for too much. You wanna know? You already do. The signs are easy, usually pretty obvious and come relatively quickly: Everyday for the past week, you've been thinking about an empire-waist cut brown dress, and what's the first thing you see when you get off the elevator at the department store?!-- You've been deliberating between alternative medicine or months of treatment at the hospital and the doctors tell you there's not much they can do for you; that even with treatment, you may only have months to live-- He says he's divorced, but still wears his wedding ring-- He's 5 years "your man", but hardly ever comes home to you at night. Do you buy the brown dress? Or, settle for the less expensive blue one behind it? Do you resign to non-therapeutic traditional “treatment” that'll cause you months of uncertainty, pain and misery? Or, do you trust the Universe, yourself and a natural practitioner who's able to assist you with bringing quality and longevity to your own life? Do you go with what he told you about why he wears the ringthat he sees his dying mother everyday and doesn't want to forget to put it on one day, because if she found out he was divorced it would kill her immediately? Or, do you say kindly, "It was a pleasure meeting you. Call me when your mother recovers or dies”?? Do you remain unhappy and continue to live in that lie of a 5-year relationship you allowed to fester? Or, do you decide to move on and open yourself to the possibility of a man who will come home to you every night/most nights or whatever you desire? When we Remember that we are already complete, we can Recognize: 
When the answers to the questions we pose don't undoubtedly point toward us, we are workin' in the wrong equation. Problem solved!!

2. You Are BeautyFullInside AND Out.. No matter what your appearance. Remember that. It’s true. It may be a lot easier for some of us to acknowledge that we are beautiful on the inside. Many of us can think of all the wonderful qualities and caring characteristics we possess that make us radiant beauties from within. If not, take a few moments and ponder your inner beauty. Ask yourself, "How am I beautiful on the inside?" Surely, you can find a few ways. Now, what about the outside? What do you think about what you see? There’s a particular phrase I’ve been known to utter since childhood and I mean it every time I say it: Everyone is beautiful.  You know that four-letter-antonym of beautiful that begins with the letter u? Well, it isn't ever in my vocabulary when I describe a person’s physical appearance. I'll tell you why- Love is the most beautiful of all things. And, if all things were created with Love, then all things contain beauty. Pure and simple! Even if you consider your own "look" to be less than acceptable to yourself {which you absolutely shouldn't!}; if you think some parts of your physical self are "pretty" and others are not; or, if you think your entire physical body is "hideous" in your eyes, you should know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that there is someone for everyone. You have to be able to see your own beauty before you will be able to accept that others may perceive you as such. Despite what you may think of yourself, there is at least one person out there who thinks otherwise. If you truly desire to come into contact with that person, you must be able to attract him/her into your energy field. Perhaps your desire is to be alone. No matter. Both scenarios are ultimately about you recognizing and realizing your own beauty. The most important point here: Beauty is as beauty does. If you have yet to embrace the fact that you are beautiful, begin to do so now.     

Embrace Your Beauty: 1} Take comfort in the way you look! Spend time looking at yourself in the mirror each day and smiling at what you see. If you do not have a mirror, visualize your appearance and smile at that. As you do, gently touch those parts of you that might need extra attention. Think loving thoughts, sending that energy through your fingers and onto that area. 2} Make a change!  I'm not advocating tummy tuck, I'm saying to flatten the tummy with food and exercise; firm up the booty, lose the weight, wear more flattering clothes to accentuate what you have; get a new hairdo-- those kinds of changes. 3} Own your beauty! Smile on the inside and it'll permeate throughout. When you feel better about yourself, you feel more confident about being yourself. You have a style that reflects what's important to you. When someone gives you a compliment, say "Thank you." Know that you are beautiful all the time. There are no "good" or "bad" days, only beautiful ones. 4} Treat others as you would like to be treated, as the saying goes. This action begets all kinds of positive vibrations. The Universe will smile on you and you will Shine!

3. You Possess Powers~ Women are especially powerful. Not only are we strong, we are wise, intuitive and genetically superior to men {a biological fact, meant not to insult men, nor to incite women..LOL}. Yes it’s true! One of our greatest powers rests in our ability to Love. Altruistic Love is in our nature. We were created to self-sacrifice and nurture in a Godly way. Whether you have felt this kind of love flowing through you for moments, days, weeks, months or years it is now within the breadth and depth of your experience, making you even more powerful. Perhaps, you haven't ever felt this way at all. Know that the energy/feeling is still within your potential. Now, that’s power! One of the greatest effects of our power is in our ability to influence those around us. Like seashells left on the beach by the ebbing water, those who are influenced by us are an assorted lot. There is power, too, in the ways we influence others to treat us and how we can influence others to act in our favor. And, yes, there is also power in our beauty! If we are not mindful of our ability to influence, we may make harmful choices. On the other hand, we must be careful not to use our influence to do harm to others. The more we Love, the more Powerful we become. But, first, we must learn to truly love ourselves.
Knowing that you are powerful isn't enough. Knowing that your power affects others isn't enough. Harnessing your power and exercising it in the name of Love is the cake that’s  fit for consumption.

4. Your Little Girl Lives~ The little girl you once were still lives deep inside you. She wants, most of all, to feel loved and cared for. Her innocence is her armor and Love is her weapon. She knows she will always be protected. When she stumbles she picks herself up, dusts herself off and starts all over again. Her naiveté causes her to try and try again, to trust in the greater good and to never look back. Your little girl is pure and untainted. The Love she feels toward others is unconditional. There is nothing you can do to corrupt her. Because, no matter what she experiences, she remains unchanged, open and courageous enough to re-energize, re-vitalize, re-new and re-do over and over again. She is ever ready, willing and able to face the future, come what may. Your little girl lives so that you may go on. She is your fountain of youth, restoring you, reminding you of brighter days. Her light will not diminish. Even though your physical body outgrew hers and you two are worlds apart, and, although, you have neglected her by forgetting she is still there, Her Spirit Lives! Give her lots of hugs and kisses. Encourage her to keep on keepin' on, just as she does for you.
Your little girl reminds you to do more and be bigger than you already are.

5. You Are NOT a Man~ I know. Sounds, obvious enough, right? Not! Many women, although blessed with the anatomy of females, think they're men!! I don't mean that they think they're physically men, but that they behave as men do. Don't misunderstand me, I'm aware that you can be who you want to be and do what you want to do. And, no, I'm not speaking about sexual identity. {Well, actually, I am..This is directed toward heterosexual women who are currently in or desire to be in long-term relationships with men. There, that's clearer.} Bottom line, Let a man be a man....Sheeshhh!! Everyone has a role to play in their relationships with others, intimate and otherwise. In order to fully embrace your role, you must know what it is and have a working knowledge of best practices to ensure your success at it. For some of us, this may come quite naturally. Others of us are, quite honestly, fighting our true feelings. Time to break out the High-Science and History books! You'll need to have answers to the following questions at the ready: {again, I’m referring to heterosexual women} What is a woman's nature?--How is she naturally inclined to behave, in general? In relation to man? What are her predominant characteristics/attributes- given her genetics, anatomy, biology, physiology, chemistry? Why? How do you know? Similarly, How is man naturally inclined to behave, in general? In relation to women? What are his predominant characteristics/attributes? And, why? How do you know?
 Once scientifically sound and historically based answers to said questions are obtained, identity confusion regarding womanhood and manhood will dissipate, no longer contributing to power struggles in heterosexual relationships.

6. You Do Not NEED A ManTruth is, you do not NEED anyone, when you’re vibrating on a certain frequency. But, who says you shouldn't WANT? Certainly, I'm not suggesting that! {No way} But, there are so many things we can do for ourselves, especially, when we are by ourselves. If you've ever heard of parthenogenesis, then you know exactly what I'm talking about. We are so far away from that, though!! Anyway, that doesn't matter for this conversation, because what I aim to express is the value in self-nurturing. Sometimes, we forget to fulfill our own needs.... you know, the kinds of things we can only do for ourselves, like filling in all the empty spaces we find ourselves wanting others {especially men} to fill for us. That's why it's so crucial to begin to fathom your worth and take extra special care of yourself. Younger women, especially, should gain an appreciation for attempting self~mastery before entertaining the concept of sharing any part of themselves with a man. While it is absolutely Wonderful to be engaged {double entendre} with and to men, it is not, by any means, an absolute necessity. Men, on the other hand, are, ultimately, dependent {there goes that word again} upon engaging in relations and relationships with us. Not only is their survival as a species {for lack of a better term} contingent on our ability to procreate them, but, as I am sure, you are well aware, they need us in so many other ways {gotta luv 'em}. Remember: Practice those powers and hone all your skills.
The next time you feel like you just can't do whatever it is for yourself, REMEMBER: Other Women have done far greater things before. And, YOU can do it, too- so long as you are WILLing. Suck it up and Just Do It! J

7. You Need Your Own StuffWhether it's your own space to think; that special chair of yours; your own personal “Friday Night Spa” time; or, a day that's just for you, it's essential that you have your own stuff. It is absolutely crucial that we celebrate and center ourselves with personal time and some special items of our choosing. Women constantly give so much to others. In order to maintain your health and happiness, you need to schedule regular check-in times with your stuff.  Remember, you are the answer. You’re beautyfull, powerful and precious. When you neglect to spend quality time with your stuff, you risk displaying passive aggressive behaviors toward others. No one wants that! You know the saying, When Mama's happy, everyone's happy!"
When you treat yourself and your stuff with the respect they deserve, it compels those around you to do the same. 

8. You Are A Precious Resource~ You do know that, don't you? Great!! {Whew} Then, are you also aware that you do not belong solely to yourself?-- hence, the term "resource". You are Planet Earth's CROWN JEWEL. Just as humanity depends upon your wellbeing, so, too, does nature herself. And, whether or not you personally have children of your own or who are in your care, YOU HAVE DEPENDENTS! Humanity and Nature are dependent upon you to promote Love~Consciousness. It's what makes the world go 'round. Love is the source and breath of life. The more of it you are {Woman}, the better the quality of life for everyone on the planet. No one knows Love more than you. For, you possess the sacred feminine principle- that's what makes you so precious in the first place! You are rare. *NOTE-- Not every anatomically correct female is a Woman and being female is vastly different from being feminine.... we’ll go there another time, though. Just as the earth's precious minerals enhance the soil around them and contain properties that benefit all who come into contact with them, one of the bi-products of Woman is that you inspire the men around you to become more humane by aligning themselves with the feminine principle {For the few of you "small-minded" folks who may be here right now, I am not referring to men's sexuality. To be clear, men aligned with the feminine principle are not homosexual. Again, more on this subject another time}. As the most precious of all resources known to man
 Your value is numberless and your weight is measurable only by the impact you have on others.

9. You Must ShareYou have an obligation to share simply because you are blessed to be a Woman. You must share what you know, share who you are, share what you have and share some more. Mothers must share with their daughters. Share resources, share advice, share wisdom on relationships, intimacy, everything! Sisters must share among each other. We can learn a great deal from one another. When we share our experiences, others can learn from them, avoiding similar experiences. Sharing inspires. Share with your husbands and partners and lovers and brothers and suns and all the men in your life. There are things men do not know that they need to know about women like: how to be respectful; how to better communicate, etc. Sharing Is Caring.
Woman is synonymous with sharing. We share our bodies, our ideas, our kind words, our entire lives. As the saying goes, "When you have, you give." Such is the case with women.

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