Thursday, December 15, 2011

9 Things Women REALLY Should Know About Men: + 1 MORE to Grow On!

I’m in the business of learning more about the natural inclinations of Most women AND Most men with regards to their behavioral psychology in and around relationships. I have many, many conversations about this subject with men I know personally- as well as with strangers- from various socioeconomic backgrounds, living and working within a multitude of income levels and a host of professions; including the unemployed. There is no shame in my thang! I’ll ask a brotha in the street why he just looked at a Sista’s booty as she walked away. I’ll question what prompts those seemingly instinctive behaviors, such as the immediate turning of the head and fixing of the eyes in a downward direction at an angle ranging between 75 and 45 degrees from ground to “standard” eye level, all in order to catch a glimpse of a woman’s booty as she knowingly or unknowingly passes by. I want to know what he noticed about her, first; what his booty-looking criteria are; and, what his thoughts were as his eyes gazed penetratingly at her bum. Was he aroused in those moments he stared? Was he envisioning a future with her as he watched? Further, had he even thought about his own thinking in that situation before? There is much to learn from the dialogue this line of questioning yields. So, I probe! I want to be in-the-know, in part, so I can share that information with you. I Love You. I encourage you to grow.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


This list is, by no means comprehensive {although lengthy enuff}, but it's My Nine and I'm sharing it with you. J These are things you may already know about yourself, but tend to forget while actively participating in other people’s lives, as we women are prone to do. I put together this list because I know we need to individually and collectively pay more attention to ourselves. So, here we go: 9 Things You Probably Already Know! 

1. You Are The Answer~ Everything you need, you already have. Everything you want is within your reach. No need to look outside for too much. You wanna know? You already do. The signs are easy, usually pretty obvious and come relatively quickly: Everyday for the past week, you've been thinking about an empire-waist cut brown dress, and what's the first thing you see when you get off the elevator at the department store?!-- You've been deliberating between alternative medicine or months of treatment at the hospital and the doctors tell you there's not much they can do for you; that even with treatment, you may only have months to live-- He says he's divorced, but still wears his wedding ring-- He's 5 years "your man", but hardly ever comes home to you at night. Do you buy the brown dress? Or, settle for the less expensive blue one behind it? Do you resign to non-therapeutic traditional “treatment” that'll cause you months of uncertainty, pain and misery? Or, do you trust the Universe, yourself and a natural practitioner who's able to assist you with bringing quality and longevity to your own life? Do you go with what he told you about why he wears the ringthat he sees his dying mother everyday and doesn't want to forget to put it on one day, because if she found out he was divorced it would kill her immediately? Or, do you say kindly, "It was a pleasure meeting you. Call me when your mother recovers or dies”?? Do you remain unhappy and continue to live in that lie of a 5-year relationship you allowed to fester? Or, do you decide to move on and open yourself to the possibility of a man who will come home to you every night/most nights or whatever you desire? When we Remember that we are already complete, we can Recognize: 
When the answers to the questions we pose don't undoubtedly point toward us, we are workin' in the wrong equation. Problem solved!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


This Single Ishhh is for the birds!!!!!!!!!
I'm used to being Catered To; Assisted; Protected;..... Having Someone to Carry My Bags.... Sheesh!! No disrespect to anyone else, but, I Am NOT one of those women who boasts about being strong and independent. STRONG? That's a given. I birthed three children into the world {two of them, in the southeastern corner of my bedroom..without meds, monitors or my mama!} INDEPENDENT? Of what/whom? What does that mean, really?? See, that's part of the problem. Everyone wants to claim independence as if companionship, partnership and intimate relationships equate captivity, dominion or enslavement of some kind. We live in such an individualistic society, where a false sense of independence is glamorized.What of that? Doesn't our mere existence in this realm, on this planet, in hueman form, dictate that we form relations with others so that we may thrive? And, aside from attaining solitude for spiritual reasons, quietly going through a healing process or when partaking in some sort of rites-of-passage, who wants to be alone, anyway?

Monday, May 23, 2011


I began this post shortly before “Mother’s Day”. It was inspired by my fleeting aggravation with society, in general, and women, in particular {fleeting, because I overstand the bigger picture but can, at times, be temporarily overcome with emotion}. My intention with my children has always been to groom them into confident, self-aware individuals whose primary allegiance is to Self {“To thine own self, be true”}. I teach them to Be Apprentices of Self, Aspiring to Mastery. To that end, I have made sacrifices and conscious choices APLENTY. Not saying all my choices were the greatest, but I made them with Specific Intentions. In other words, I Chose to Do Something rather than doing nothing at all. In that way, I Am Victorious. {I Teach my suns and Nurture my daughter~ more on that in my forthcoming book}. At the end of the day, I Am Doing My Part by contributing to the betterment of society through my efforts to improve self, family, community and world. What more?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Motha Nature doesn't always feel GREAT! But, she always feels Good. 

This time, last year, I felt Absolutely Fabulous!! I was completely IN LOVE with MYSELF: that is, my higher self AND my human self {most especially, my physical attributes}. I celebrated each unique curve as my wardrobe shifted from oversized to perfectly tailored {with a few items being, I must admit, quite revealing, actually,..tee hee hee}. Now, I don't own a full-length mirror, but that was of no consequence. Mind you, I didn't spend a whole lot of time picking a particular outfit, either. I simply felt remarkable~ from the inside out! Clothing was merely an accessory to that, enhancing the sparkle that emanated from the innermost regions of my Womanness. I wasn't the slimmest I've ever been, nor was I the heaviest. I was somewhere in~between and lovin' every inch of it!
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