Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Motha Nature doesn't always feel GREAT! But, she always feels Good. 

This time, last year, I felt Absolutely Fabulous!! I was completely IN LOVE with MYSELF: that is, my higher self AND my human self {most especially, my physical attributes}. I celebrated each unique curve as my wardrobe shifted from oversized to perfectly tailored {with a few items being, I must admit, quite revealing, actually,..tee hee hee}. Now, I don't own a full-length mirror, but that was of no consequence. Mind you, I didn't spend a whole lot of time picking a particular outfit, either. I simply felt remarkable~ from the inside out! Clothing was merely an accessory to that, enhancing the sparkle that emanated from the innermost regions of my Womanness. I wasn't the slimmest I've ever been, nor was I the heaviest. I was somewhere in~between and lovin' every inch of it!

You see, last year, around this time, I was concertedly celebrating my femininity, freedom and fresh start in life. To elaborate, it was sort of an out-of-body experience. For the most part, I was on, the proverbial, cloud nine. I was truly in a really beautiful space ALL THE TIME. Love was in the air and it was EveryEffinWhere!!! 

Simultaneously, I was completely focused on accomplishing short term goals AND being open to going with the flow of opportunities as they presented themselves. I was handling my personal affairs on multiple levels~ networking; improving my family's condition; sharpening my skill of calling forth desires into existence; learning lots; growing tremendously and, generally, enjoying myself while doing it. Not to mention {but I will!}, I had several suitors of the complementary persuasion who treated a sista like a full-out Goddess! To say the least, I indulged in those experiences, partook of pleasures I had not previously encountered; savored singular moments until I grew full of the substance of those days. Ahhh...

TODAY, Am I feeling as WonderFull and Magnificent as I detailed above? Not so much. Most days, I honestly do feel Great!!! Really, I do. Though, right now, in this very moment, on this day, I feel....alright. And that's good, too. I do have just as many.. no.. I have even MORE reasons to celebrate~ I am still handling my biz and making things happen for my family. I am still as confident in the cuteness of my curves and I feel equally as happy {inside~out} as I did before. And, YES, I am Still Completely In Love With Myself. So, What's missing this time? you ask. Well, every day just ain't the same. All things, admittedly, ARE NOT as they were.. this time last year. Let's just say that the absence of certain, highly significant, treasures is posing a bit of a challenge for me. Ok. I'll just spell it out! Of late, I haven't partaken in any pleasures nor indulged in any experiences with members of the aforementioned complementary persuasion. *Boo..Hoo..Hoo!! Waaaaa!* It's true. For starters, THAT WOULD HELP!!! You know, THERE IS a particular of pep in one's step, a special glare in the eye, a certain glow in the skin~ all gained from partaking and indulging. The lack thereof, My Loves, is why I do not smile as brightly and look as lively as I did, this time last year. Yes, I know that I Am Great!!! But, right now, I'm feelin' GOOD. 

You know what else? After having written this post, I'm starting to feel even BETTER!!! After all, I've got Many Moments To Savor!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy YourSelf and Savor Your Moments whether your feeling good, great or whatever.
~Health Is Wealth~

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  1. Liking this one! Honest, from the heart, introspective, relatable! Thank u! Keep on feeling and looking great even on just GOOD days!

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