Monday, October 26, 2009


I love a Creamy, Luscious Avocado!!! Avocados range in taste from light and watery to thick and buttery, like the Californian Hass, which happens to be my favorite. This FRUIT contains Vitamin E, C, K, Potassium, Iron, etc… It is also High in PROTEIN and Nutritious Fats and Low in Cholesterol. Eat them alone or: as a side to your favorite meal; as main ingredient in a sandwich; mixed w/banana in a smoothie (if you’re adventurous!); and, numerous other ways…

There are many varieties of the Avocado, which can be grown as trees and plants. The trees are grown outdoors, mostly in tropical climates. The plants, grown indoors, are non-fruit bearing with beautiful, dark leaves.


I like to think of AVOCADO as a FRIEND to MAN, WOMAN and CHILD. MEN LOVE that it’s a SUPER~PROTEIN they can eat liberally to aid in maintaining a MUSCULAR PHYSIQUE and NOT ADD POUNDS; WOMEN LOVE the benefits it provides to HAIR and SKIN; and, CHILDREN JUST LOVE IT!!! Not to mention, it’s really wonderful for them, too!!

Avocados make AN EXCELLENT EARLY FRUIT FOR BABY~ as they can be sliced on-hand, smashed, then served fresh on the spot. They’re quick, fresh and easy to carry on the go.

It’s true! The OIL FROM AVOCADOS is packed with Hair and Skin Enhancing Properties, making it great for SOFTENING the SKIN and ADDING SHEEN to the HAIR!! That’s why it’s a major ingredient in Royal Anointing Oil and Cannabis Supreme Cremes by Hemptherapy.

Hemptherapy oils and crèmes moisturize, nourish and guard hair against splitting and drying, while protecting skin from dehydration.

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