Friday, March 4, 2011

9 Golden Laws of Healthier HAIR & SKIN

Want a Gorgeous Glow?

You gotta DETOXIFY from the Inside Out!
Sweat it out/ Let it out!!

I'm just not that into the gym, you say. That's fine {neither am I}. But, in order to get your perspiration on, there needs to be Some Kinda physical activity.
No need to make it a chore, though. Be creative. I say, Do what you like! Get your boogie on- Wind ya waist to Dancehall music/ throw on some Old School Hip Hop records and do the runnin' man; Clean your place from top to bottom- several times a week; even better, have some SEXercise- grind it up! {in addition to your great new skin, you'll be in a really great mood}~ seriously. ;-)
Whether you choose traditional or alternative forms of movement, commit to doing it as often as possible. Schedule it on your calendar as if you were taking a class {even if you'll be running up and down steps for an hour a day}.

Make it happen!!
You Can Do It!
Your Hair Will Thank You...
Your Skin Will Thank You...
~Health Is Wealth~

Copyright © 2011 Motha Nature, Harlem, USA

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