Monday, March 7, 2011


The phrase health is wealth takes on even greater meaning when we begin to apply it to every aspect of our lives. The concept of health applies to more than physical wellness. It's a wholistic term encompassing spirituality AND mentality.

It has been said before and I like to reiterate it: It's not the messenger, it's the message.

The thought that individuals have the power to accomplish ANYTHING we focus Energy, Intent and Will on is as ancient as the eldest beings of this planet and, beyond. In fact, humans have been transforming that thought into reality since our existence. Evidence of this is as complex as the design and, subsequent, construction of the largest physical edifices and the most intricately detailed mechanical structures we know {bridges, airplanes, buildings...}. If it is possible to conceive and manifest monumental machines, why, then, do we find it so difficult to grasp that we have the power to harness the same energy and put it into curing ourselves of whatever ails us. Whether the illness is addiction, cancer or H.I.V., we can think it and it is so. It has been done time and again. Not a believer? google it!

When Charlie Sheen stated that he handled his addiction that way, people mocked and snickered in disbelief. Beneath what appeared to be the outrageous statements of a troubled and crazy individual, I heard Universal Truth. While watching his interviews, I found that I related to much of what he was saying. I've been aware of the my power to create with my thoughts all my life. It's, partly, a Pisces thing. As an adult, I've become even more consciously aware of it. In my experience, I have overcome acne, eczema, migraines, shopping addiction and a host of other illnesses. My father was addicted to crack in the early '90s. He, too, overcame his addiction with the power of mind. Inspired by thoughts he had while reading a letter I wrote him, he made up his mind to stop using crack and he did.

Ponder the meaning of these phrases: make up your mind; change begins in the mind;what you can conceive, you can achieve. Those are just a few of countless similar sayings alluding to the power within that we all possess. What meaning, if any, do they have for you?

Perhaps you hadn't given thought to any of the above. I trust that, after reading this post, someone will. Crazy-ass Charlie Sheen has. What's more, he has transformed his life and is creating the effects he desires. And, for that reason, he is WINNING.

~Health Is Wealth~

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