Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Don't Wanna DETOX?

It's Springtime! DE-TOX Time!! Not up for it? Neither am I! But, here's some things We Can Do to give our bodies a bit of a break from all the excess:

AM DO's            

  1. Water First {with or without a little lime juice}- as many glasses as you can stand before you absolutely have to have something to eat! Spread your glasses apart, don't just gulp for gulping's sake. Wake up earlier if you have to so you can make sure you've used the facilities enough before you venture out. *'Tis the season for earlier a.m. rising, anyway.
  2. Smoothie & a Bar {some type of granola bar, that is}- Make sure it's a FRUIT Smoothie! Fruits are for the a.m. and you'll appreciate that boost you get from all those natural sugars and vitamins. And, take it with you if you can. You'll want to wait at least a 1/2 hour after your final glass of water before you drink it. Half hour after that, if you still feel really hungry, eat an energy bar. I have mine around 11a.m. Clif Luna Bars are my faves~ Caramel Nut Brownie; White Chocolate Macadamia; Chocolate Raspberry; and, Chocolate Dipped Coconut~ FYI: There are other flavors besides chocolate! :-)
    1. Alternative- So Delicious Coconut Milk Or Amande Almond Milk Non Dairy YOGURT. Dip Apple or Strawberry Slices in the yogurt, then dip into Nature's Path HEMP Plus Granola..Yum..Freakin' Yummm...


  1. Big Salad {this can be in place of or in addition to your lunchtime usual}- Make sure you get your daily dose of fibrous greens. Green Leaf. Red Tip. Radicchio. Arugula. Boston. Endive. Red Chard. And, Romaine {which I've recently become pretty fond of} *Include Spinach for iron and other minerals. "Why Salad?" you ask. Regularity is Key~ to Health, Wealth and Great Skin! {doesn't that make you Happy?!!}
  2. Skip Dinner?? {did I say to eat a big enough lunch to satisfy you?}- Who says you Need to eat dinner, anyway? You've had your drinks and a light snack. Make this meal count. Who said you had to skimp on your salad, especially, if that's going to be your largest meal of the day? Go ahead, you know how to live a little! Enhance that salad! Douse on the nuts & seeds, raisins, sprouted beans, nori, croutons..whatever floats your boat. Or, lightly embellish with cucumbers, avocado, etc, etc... Whatever you do, you had better enjoy it!!
  3. Snack It Up! {snack often}- Tortilla Chips & Salsa. Tortilla Chips & Hummus. Popcorn {Little Lad's Herbal is good}. Nori & Avocado. Nuts & Raisins. Raw Veggies. 

  • SMOKE {cigarettes}.
  • Eat FLESH {beef, chicken, goat, alligator, fish...} More Than THREE Times a Week.
  • Eat CANDY.
  • DEPRIVE YOUSELF of REST {you'll need lots of energy to keep yourself from doing all the please do not stuff!}.


  • Begin Your Day on a POSITIVE NOTE~ Affirmations, Exercise, Focused Breathing, Reading This Blog... :-)
  • DON'T GO OUT TO DINNER WITH FRIENDS.. Stay Focused!!!!!!
  • TAKE IT EASY. Don't be so hard on yourself if you mess up. Pick up and start again. ~Forward Ever~
  • If you're an Everyday Coffee Drinker, SUBSTITUTE HERBAL TEA and drink tons of it throughout the course of the day. Sweeten with AGAVE NECTAR. You'll lose water weight and, some fat cells to boot!! Not to mention, your hair and skin will shine and sing your praises. 
    • You can even Taper Down to Every Other Day Coffee and Tea. You gotta start somewhere, right?!!

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