Saturday, April 2, 2011

Off The Wall

I must say, Wendy Williams SUCKS BUTT {pardon my language} on Dancing with the Stars!! I had to say it! It's not like you didn't know that already. But, I give her so much credit for being brave enough to make the effort at all. Why am I talking about this on Friday night, anyway?? I know, the show comes on at the beginning of the week and that's old news. True. Well, I'm a Home Schooling Mother of three and I get around to these things when I can.. gimme a break!
Actually, I felt compelled to write about what I perceive as her experience on the popular dance show. The reason being, I can totally relate!! Not that I would suck butt on there.. Please! What I mean is, she obviously has issues around dancing {however deep- seated} and, I, too, have had issues around dancing. Those who know me {and know me well enough} know that I was a perpetual wall flower. ~Flowers I do love~ But, the more lively, colorful variety. You know, those beautyfull, sometimes scented ones that peek out from the tops of water-filled vases. As a pretty wall flower, peeking out I did NOT! In fact, I turned my head the other way when I noticed individuals making their way toward me with aspirations of acquiring a dance accompanied by myself. Nope. Uh- Uh. I simply refused. Every. Single. Time. Bottom- line, they never stood a chance. Period. *Apologies Brothas of My Past* I viewed my  holding up the walls at various venues throughout the cities where my elementary, high school and college were located as my sacred duty. When I was on WALL, the foundation was going NoWhere! There could have been an earth-shattering quake, tsunami, nuclear bomb, whatever.. When it was all over, you best believe me and my wall would still be standing!! {You get the picture}

Back to Wendy..HA!!!..I tend to digress at times..I was attempting to draw a connection between her and me. She seemed as though she wanted to cry after each performance. I used to cry even though I hadn't performed. She has, at minimum, some sense of confidence; enough to get her on that dance floor in the first place! I completely lacked the esteem to just shine and be me, regardless of how I or others felt I looked.

So, what's the point of this yarn I'm spinnin'? Watching Wendy reminded me of how much I have evolved in this short span I call life {via my present form of being}. The days of suffering from low self-esteem {which, by the way, should officially be classified as a form of mental really is} are over!!!!!!! I Am Free of self- doubt and self-loathing!!! When I stood up at my recent 20th Year High School Reunion and danced, I stepped outside myself; gazing and smiling at just how far I have come. Sure, I've danced at the many conscious reggae "concerts" I've attended over the nine and a half years of I lived within RasTafarI. That was Spiritual; Transcendent. But, this, it was different. This was dancing for dancing's sake AND dancing for life's sake at the same time!!  I dance all the time, now! It's a part of my regular routine. Early this a.m., I was at the disco {in my kitchen} groovin' with Donna Summer, etc...

It's Friday Night and I have two sho' nuff rituals I've developed {purely least on a conscious level}. They are: 1. My Sensual Love Bath with Personal Spa Treatments and, 2. Dancing My Ass Off in my living room to whatever moves me!! Now I'm Living!!!!!!! And, now I know that what My Beloved Brotha Michael says: Life 'aint so bad at all/ When You Live It OFF THE WALL is True.

Happiness Is Health. 
~Health Is Wealth~


  1. Love it! Keep on dancing!

  2. I am lmfaooooo! So entertaining. My fave verse from LeAnn Womack's song, instantly came to mind...

    "I hope u still feel small when u stand by the ocean. Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens. Promise me u'll give faith a fighting chance & when you get the chance to sit it out or dance. I hope u daaaaaaaance!"

  3. I like that verse! Gonna Youtube the whole song. ~Thanks for that~


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