Monday, November 9, 2009


Seaweeds~ a.k.a. Sea Vegetables~ of all kinds are High in B12, IODINE, MAGNESIUM, CALCIUM, IRON and much more!!

When you think of iodine and magnesium, think MELANIN. Not to worry, we’ll talk more about melanin at another time.

There’s MOSS (erroneously called irish moss); NORI(used for sushi); DULSE; HIJIKI; ARAME; WAKAME; and, countless others.

The other day I made these great Organic Nori Wraps filled with Spinach leaves, fresh Garlic, sweet Red Onion, Red Bell Pepper and a special Vegetable Protein, topped with Goddess Dressing. They were Absolutely Divine~ living, vibrant and filled with electrolytes.

THANK THE CREATOR for sea vegetables!!! What a Blessing!! Ahhh, the wonders they do for TH

YROID (And, ALL GLANDular), REPRODUCTIVE and RESPIRATORY health~ not to mention, HAIR and SKIN health!

*My Absolute FAV is SEAMOSS!! I drink it as a warm tea (served w/cinnamon stick stirrer) and addthe cooled gel to smoothies, etc… Guess what?!? EXCELLENT for calming ASTHMA an, as an overall nutrient for growing children, SeaMoss is also a treasured ingredient in REJUVENATION/STIMULATION SHAMPOO & MELANIN FOOD LOTION, both by Hemptherapy.*

~Health Is Wealth~

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