Monday, November 2, 2009


Cannabis’ Child, Marijuana’s Cousin~ HEMP~ can be cultivated for every conceivable use. The entire hemp plant is biodegradable, req
uires little fertilizer, and grows in 1/2 the time as most other food crops. Its uses range from food to shelter and clothing.

Some of its Stellar Qualities are that it:

Is the most complete and highly digestible vegetable protein known to man, consisting of unsaturated fats (Omega 3 & Omega 6) that are more easily digested by the body than even those in flax seed oil.

Is rich in Essential Fatty Acids that are routinely taken out of processed foods in order to extend shelf life.

Enhances the immune system by helping to produce dis-ease fighting antibodies found in white blood cells.

Eases constipation.

Works through the stomach to help heal ulcers.

A wide variety of foods can be made with hemp SEEDs and OIL, including flour and milk. They can, also, be ingested individually as nutritional supplements. I make delicious h

emp oil salad dressing and hummus, luxurious hemp brownies, plump pancakes and decadent hemp chocolate chip cookies..ummmm!!!

Hemp Fiber is used to make paper, building materials, fabrics and cloth. I have a wonderful seating area covered in hemp cloth!! It’s my favorite place to sit and read a book.

Let’s not forget all the High Quality hempseed oil hair and skin care products that’ll no

urish, soften, protect and stimulate. Find superior ones at

Its short growing time allows hemp to be grown year round. So, enjoy the benefits of this wonderful plant~ a True Blessing to Huemanity~

~Health Is Wealth~

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