Tuesday, November 3, 2009


*Check out the picture of one of my daughter’s favorite meals (she’s 2). It’s ORGANIC STEAMED ACORN SQUASH STUFFED with ORGANIC SPINACH and DRIZZLED with ORGANIC EVO. It is DELICIOUS!!!*

There are many varieties of what many people call “Pumpkin” (typically larger, orange, hard-shelled, bulbous fruit of the vine). However, in many parts of the world both pumpkin and squashes are considered all different kinds of pumpkin.

Squash are generally referred to as smaller, bulbous fruit of the vine.

ACORN and BUTTERNUT are my absolute favorite varieties of squash to eat!!!

The Squash family consists of many varieties like green and yellow zucchini, spaghetti, Autumn Cup, Buttercup, Banana and more. There are Summer Squash (zucchinis and other softer varieties) and Winter Squash (like acorn and others with tougher skin). However, most varieties are available year-round.

FYI: I, personally, like to eat foods in season~ something my grandmother stressed when I was younger~ when they’re at the peak of their greatness. For instance, you’ll only catch me eating collard greens after the first frost of the Fall or Winter.

FYI 2: Most markets offer fruits and veggies across seasons, simply because they’re importing them.

The BRIGHT ORANGE and YELLOW colors of Pumpkins and Squash tell us that they are high in POTASSIUM, VITAMIN A, VITAMIN C, VITAMIN K and VITAMIN E.

Both PUMPKINS and SQUASH are resistant to drought and, thus, universal symbols of harvest fertility.

~Health Is Wealth~

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