Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Did you know that THE MAIN DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SWEET POTATOES and YAMS is that yams are grown in tropical climates?

Here’s another bit of history: The WORD YAM DERIVES FROM THE AFIKAN~ njam, nyami and djambi~ which mean “TO EAT”. So, if your name resembles one of these words, I bet you’re a great eater!! And, that’s why when my Jamaican bredren and sistren get ready to tear up a good plate of food, dem say dem a gah nyam it!! Umhum!

While sweet potatoes are popular in the American South, yams enjoy popularity throughout the Afrikan Diaspora (including South America, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Australia, Southeast Asia and, of course, on the Continent).

Indigenous peoples have come up with hundreds of recipes for both sweet potatoes and yams.

*MY FAVORITES ARE “AMERICAN” SWEET POTATO, DASHEEN, RED COCO and a popular variety referred to as AFRICAN SWEET POTATO in local Caribbean markets.

The best season for the “American” Sweet Potato is late Summer to mid- Winter. Yams are grown year-round in the Diaspora. These natural wonders are staples in many cultures; sometimes called provisions for their ability to last long while remaining hearty and nutritious.

The COLOR OF THEIR FLESH tells you that, just like pumpkins and squash, they’re high in POTASSIUM, VITAMIN A, VITAMIN C, VITAMIN K and VITAMIN E. Those that have white flesh, are higher in IRON, CALCIUM and MAGNESIUM.

Enjoy them now, and throughout the year!

~Health Is Wealth~

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